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Car batteries that Fast charging

Fast-charging of electrical vehicles is seen as key to their take-up, therefore motorists will stop at a station and totally charge their automotive within the time it takes to induce a low and use the rest room...

Tactile on virtual reality

Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a image device that aims to place bit among VR’s reach, employing a versatile material fitted with little vibratory elements which will be connected to skin. The system,...

Sweat-powered smart watches

Engineers at the University of metropolis have developed a greenhorn quite versatile supercapacitor, that stores energy, exchange the electrolytes found in commonplace batteries with sweat. It area unit usually completely charged with as little...

Red brick is a kind of energy storage device

Scientists have found the simplest way to store energy within the red bricks that area unit wont to build homes. Researchers LED by Washington University in St Joe Louis, in Missouri, US, have developed...
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