😍 Introduction 😍

Macarons square measure French meringues made up of almond flour, whose origin dates back to the center Ages. In France, bakeries and pastry outlets turn out an enormous vary of ancient macarons. Of all the variants, the colourful macaron made up of 2 cookie disks with a cream layer is that the most generally unfold nowadays.

The topping biscuit for the sandwich cookie is formed from egg whites, powdered sugar and really finely ground almonds and stained with colourful food extracts. The filling of the 3-5 cm Macarons typically consists of buttercream, ganache or jam in an exceedingly immense style of flavors.

Now do that royal favorite for yourself!

The Recipe: Macarons for Different Fillings

👨‍🍳 Ingredients 👨‍🍳 :

  • 110 g almonds (ground)
  • 90 g egg whites (about three eggs – weigh carefully!)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 200 g powdered sugar
  • 30 g castor sugar
  • Food coloring (in powder kind, optional)

👨‍🍳 Instructions 👨‍🍳 :

Separate the eggs and place the egg whites in an exceedingly bowl. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt however ensure that the bowl and therefore the mixer is totally free from any grease.

When the egg whites begin to vary color, bit by bit wet them with sugar and continue whisking till stiff.

Chop the almonds along side the powdered sugar so press each ingredients through a sieve.

Gently combine the whipped egg whites with the almond-sugar mixture.

Put the mixture in an exceedingly piping bag and build individual macarons (approx. three cm in diameter) on a baking receptacle lined with baking paper.

Before baking, let the macarons rest for concerning 15-30 minutes. This forms the necessary crust that keeps the wetness within the pastry and thereby prevents cracks within the surface.

Now pre-heat the kitchen appliance to one hundred sixty ° C and bake the macarons with bottom heat for concerning quarter-hour. they’re prepared once supposed “little feet” have fashioned on rock bottom.

Take the macarons out of the kitchen appliance and move them along side the baking paper from the receptacle on to a rather wet room surface.

The macarons absorb the water and might be simply began the paper once they need cooled down.

Let the macarons rest for daily in an exceedingly closed jar

Now place some tasteful buttercream, ganache or just jam on one topping cookie and place another one on high. Be artistic with the filling!

However, at now macarons were still plain biscuits from almond flour, sugar and albumen. solely within the eighteenth century, jam or cream was baked into the cookies before they were opened and stuffed with cream at a good later purpose of your time. queen, the Queen of France, was an acquaintance of the “new” Macarons and contributed to its triumphal procession.


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